Thursday, May 22, 2008


Sign on a bulletin board in the hall. Of course I became curious about "beetle nut" and the resulting "beetle nut spittle." Apparently, it is something that people chew, kind of like tobacco, that gives a mild narcotic high. It is red, though, and causes a great mess all over the city (Tess pointed it out to me later that evening.) Even more unfortunately, it apparently spreads tuberculosis, with everyone spitting all the time. Great. They've gotta get some spit cups like the good ol' South.

This is the toilet in the women's restroom- no seat!!! The strange thing is that the women's restroom is always locked for security reasons, and we have to ask for the key and toilet paper when we need it. So, you'd think a preserved, locked bathroom would be nice...and you'd be wrong.

This is the bathroom sink. It has a leaking faucet that has worn a rust stain into the basin. I cringe every time- the waste!! This will surely annoy me for the next month.
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Mom said...

Whew! What a john!