Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sights and Sounds...Okay, Just Sights

A quad on our walk to lunch.

This is the surprisingly quaint, adorable, delicious, and air-conditioned cafe on campus that Tess and I ate lunch at yesterday. Many more trips will be required.

The streetlight jumped in the way of my mad photography skills, but the tree in the background was absolutely gorgeous. It looks like something from the African savanna; there are lots of them around so I'll try to snap a better pic.

This is an example of the crowds of people that we pass on our way home from work. They are selling things like fish (in the hot sun? No thanks, I don't wanna die!) and I think they are also waiting for the buses. The buses are a bit run-down looking, with semi-flat tires. This morning I saw a man board through an open window...
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Randy said...

Whew! Okay, I'm ALL caught up! I love that you're uploading lots of pictures, but my dial-up connection at home takes I waited until I had a moment at work. WOW! Looks like you're having quite the adventure so far! I'm chartreuse with envy! Keep up the blogging; I'll be checking in daily from now on!

Mom said...

Love the cafe!