Saturday, May 17, 2008

Behind the Scenes...

My hotel is a little IKEA-like, so here are some things I thought were notable :)

I nearly had to call the front desk after ten minutes of not figuring out why the lights weren't coming on when I flicked the switch. And then-- Eureka! Apparently there is a 'master switch' at the front of the room. You have to insert your room key into it in order to turn any lights on. Perhaps this is to conserve energy (i.e. you can't leave any lights on while you're gone)?

A picture of this funny little space. Unfortunately, I have been forced to use my little bench (left) for luggage, not visitors.

Just capturing the bathroom with my slick double door shower! The faux-wood finish on the floor is a nice touch, eh?

Two buttons to flush the toilet. I think one uses less water than the other. But don't worry. Any efforts at conservation were foiled by my flushing of the toilet multiple times to see if the buttons were different. ;)
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Ryan said...

Maybe one button flushes the toilet the "American" way and the other one counter, no, anti-clockwise. Slogan: how patriotic are you when traveling abroad?