Saturday, September 13, 2008

The End

Sorry for leaving everyone hanging for so long! As you can see, I did, in fact, fly home eventually. :)

This trip made such an impact on my life; I am truly forever changed. I vow to keep my experiences and observations from around the world close to my heart during my career, my friendships, and my life.

Thanks to everyone who read, commented, and followed along during this giant adventure. I loved knowing someone was out there caring! Please don't hesitate to contact me or ask me any questions about my experience. I can be reached at

Wishing you health and happiness,

Goin' Home

Cool shape of the Frankfurt airport

A little curvy slide that the bags got to ride on

Ice crystals on the window that greeted me when I woke up
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Last Night in Brussels

Beautiful old building on my way to meet some friends for drinks and good-byes

Belgian Stock Exchange, I believe

Beautiful street scene
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Train Ride Back to Bruxelles

Another train on a parallel track

View of the amazing countryside that I got to enjoy

Beautiful evening on the train
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Bike with a big front basket (it's covered here, though)

Old Porsche

Beautiful pic- turned into a beautiful day after so much rain!!

More Tulip Stuff

Vase for tulips- the rich liked each flower to be separated.

Text about the insane price of tulips (Shout-out to Ryan!)

More about the tulip-craze

The second-half
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Gotta get your pic at the Anne Frank House

Better pic

The Tulip Museum!!!! I loved it.

Photos of tulips
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Bike and Homomonument

Bike with basket where dogs, children, and packages ride

Text of the homomonument dedicated to people oppressed for their homosexuality- Amsterdam is verrrrryyyy gay-friendly.

One of the pink triangles of the monument

Another one (There were 3 total)
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Flowers, of course!

Pretty flower on the street

Better pic

Lighter color

Cool variety
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After Brunch

Pretty house with great flowers

Pic of the garden area

Ashes-like cat in an advertisement

The Van Gogh museum! It was wonderful. No pics allowed, but I got lots of postcards of my faves.
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Jazz Brunch!

The Hotel where we had Sunday brunch

Beautiful decor and unlimited champagne!

Beautiful stained glass windows with birds

The jazz musicians
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Canal Tour 4

Typical houses with a houseboat in front

Beautiful dark brick place with flowers

Attempt to take a pic of the hooks on all the houses

Here we go- a better view of the beams with hooks. All houses have these to help with moving furniture, etc. since they can't use the curvy circular staircases.
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