Monday, May 19, 2008

Lest We Forget...

Although I was going to sleep in today and recover from the trip, Tess was going to head in to work at the university. When I walked into the kitchen to find some breakfast, though, she was sitting outside on the deck. "Something has happened..." she said.

As it turns out, the security guards at the university went on strike and raskols (gangs of unemployed young men based on tribal affiliation) broke in to the university, including the law school where we work. No one was hurt, but we know that they got into the main law office. We are still waiting to hear if they broke in to the individual offices, where Tess and Prof's stuff is. Tess had just spent 3 weeks to finally get the computer she needed to work on the database for the law system of the country, and we are realllllly hoping it isn't gone. Updates to come! But I am safe! Do not worry!!

The driver is coming to pick us up at the hotel in about half an hour, and then we are off to the grocery store. The rest of the day will probably consist of reading, starting the law school journal write-on process, and generally relaxing and enjoying the incredible scenery and house I am in. :)

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Matthew said...

I only have one question about life in paradise - how do I get into one of these raskols?